ONE PERSON Will Have The So Called Authority To Put Us All To Death, If This Bill Is Passed In Australia

This bill has extremely sinister connotations. It has lurked in the background without a name for a whole year, everyone I asked has not known the name of the bill only alluded to it like a rumour. Well here it is. Everybody needs to be writing to their senators to stop this – the death knell for Australians. No liability for foreign troops? In other words they can go on a killing spree and we the guvt don’t care. Includes conscription. I believe this bill is created to round up non injected people after declaring some kind of emergency pertaining to the Invisible Enemy – the you-know-what. Who declares an emergency? the Governor General. Or in this case it appears the Minister for Defence … ONE PERSON will have the so called authority to put you all to death, if this bill is passed.

Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies Bill 2020 has been referred for a brief Senate committee inquiry on November 4

Parliament of Aust website:

Unless There Is A Biosecurity Order Obtained By A Court In Your Name, None Of These Mandates Apply To You

Email Australian Senators Today To Voice Your Objection To The – hit the link below 

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Here are 15 relevant petitions closing at midnight on Wed 27 October.

(Remember that it is best to confirm each one before signing the next one).

Petitions EN3285 and EN3375 already have tens of thousands of signatures:

  • Freedom of choice – Covid Vaccine

  • Adopt Rapid Antigen Testing

  • NO Vaccine Passport / National ID card

  • End lockdowns, covid 19 principalities & campaigns, open borders

  • Terminate the Covid19 Biosecurity Emergency

  • Reject Biosecurity Ammendment Bill 2021

  • Reject the Doherty Institute report

  • NO COVID-19 Health Pass!

  • Freedom of Vaccine Choice in Australia

  • No vaccination passports or anything similar Australia wide.

  • Stop Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccinations and Passports in Australia

  • No to vaccine passports

  • AHPRA edict silencing health practitioners


  • The Ivermectin Ban – an authoritarian threat to Public Health