About Us – 1 Mob Human Rising Lobby Group

Our aim is to bridge together the divide between all Original Tribal Sovereign advocate groups and build a united grassroots alliance to combat all our disadvantages. An overall aim will be to identify willing and abled, educated minds to build a strategic plan towards Independence through establishing our own governance and networks. Tribe by tribe

People Helping People

We are here for you, on this site we have made a stack of resources available to you to help no matter what situation your in.  We have packs to give to employers, schools, emails to send, Parliamentary petitions to sign and heaps of info to keep you up to date.  Behind the scenes are a tiny group of volunteers who like to call ourselves the Sunshine squad, helping you turn all these lemons into sweet lemonade.

Email kaiyubayles@protonmail.com if you need assistance and one of the crew will get back to you. If you want to join the crew , pls email expressions of interests to the same email address

Keep smiling people, like we have already won but don’t stop til we have!

One Mob Human Rising Lonby Group – Australia

Grassroots Support Service

Bringing all people together as one, the way it’s meant to be….


Tribal Sovereign communities throughout Australia need to declare a state of emergency with the ongoing genocidal, racism & apartheid treatment of the original ancient inhabitants. Covid has just destroyed all remaining human rights and further criminilised the country’s most vulnerable.

 Your law is killing us

To combat the gross abuse of human rights not just in Tribal Sovereign communities, but generally, we have set up a bank of resources to help people avoid further trauma and suffering through governmental enforcement of unlawful policies.  We aim to set up a network of volunteer human rights advocates across the country to help those in need, offering resources to understand the law, support and will do our best to refer those in need to the best help available.

We seek international intervention to immediately stop the forced dispossession of Tribal lands and the continued forced removal of our children, from family, community & culture, which is happening at genocidal proportions.  Now we have covid restrictions and the total abuse of police powers in our community, exacerbating the already hopeless situation Orginal Tribal people face daily.

We call on the international communities to expose the Genocide here and in our brother/sister nation Western Papua where the Indonesian Invaders, who Australia trained, have killed over 500,000 and the world does nothing.

We seek to request that the United Nations and the international courts, of the genocide convention to intervene & investigate the ongoing attempts to reduce the Original People & culture to extinction, through the political decision making process, of their criminal parliament, and also the past crimes of genocide that had taken place during their 227 years of illegal occupation.

The General Assembly of the United Nations – must cease imposing sanctions on and belittling weak countries and for the first time rectify the gross, glaringly obvious human rights abuses of some of its most respected, ‘democratic’ Member States by:
Establishing an International Tribunal to investigate, with a view to the confirmation of the allegations contained in this article and as a result have all Australian (New Zealand and Canadian) governments at all levels declared invalid under plain and long established international law.

To establish within those countries International Criminal Tribunals to prosecute individuals who have aided and abetted the continuing breach of international law through the application of United Kingdom law within the territories of these sovereign and independent nation states.

To implement such other procedures as are seen as necessary to uphold the Charter of the United Nations.

To initiate and maintain procedures necessary to ensure the security of people residing (both individually and collectively) within the territories of those countries up to and until the successful implementation of constitutions agreed upon by way of plebiscites conducted amongst ALL mature peoples of those countries.

And to declare the representatives of Australia, New Zealand and Canada in the United Nations General Assembly to be persona non grata until such time as representatives are nominated by the governments of Australia, New Zealand and Canada which validly represent the sovereignty of their peoples.


Long Term Goals – Class Action planned

We are organising a class action.  What is a class action lawsuit?

A class action is a type of lawsuit in which one or several persons sue on behalf of a larger group of persons.

While the subject matter of class action lawsuits can vary widely, two factors are almost always present for every class action:

– the issues in dispute are common to all members of the class, and
– the persons affected are so numerous as to make it impracticable to bring them all before the court.

Its time for young and old to get involved in practical, meaningful change for a better tomorrow here and globally.

We are the Grass roots of Global Freedom Fighters.


Elders and highly skilled members will lead the process as we begin the painstaking task of listing grievances and solutions put forward.

We have the evidence needed for a case against Elizabeth Windsor, the sitting members of parliament, the crown and its agents for crimes against humanity and the grand theft of the land mass known as Australia today.

Now all we gotta do is organise!

Why are the Rights and freedoms of Sovereign nationals being violated
by these corporations alien to us?

Is it not forbidden in International
law, for alien corporations to treaty with the Sovereign Nationals?

Where are the stolen chattels/private property?

Where is the accountability on all levels?

Regulations Respecting the laws and customs of war on land, Ch 3 Article 34:

“ The parliamentarian loses his right of inviolability if it is proved in a
clear and incontestable manner that has taken advantage of his
privileged position to provoke or commit an act of treason.”

Where are the peace officers of the Commonwealth and our Chapter 3 courts?

Where is my protection and who is accountable for these crimes of
Intentional Torts and abuse of powers inflicting injury, mental torture and partial loss of Life and theft of private property?

Where are the International consortium’s who have a treaty with the
Commonwealth Nations to ensure their safety and inalienable rights and
freedom are upheld?

Where is our Bill of Rights and or Declaration of Independence?

For our supporters we ask do u know that on top of this……

That the corrupt corporate government are sitting as an unlawful unconstitutional Corporate Government that they have Registered on the US Security Exchange in Washington D.C as “Commonwealth Australia” Registration Certificate
No is 0000805157″.





Every State and Territory have a corporate government at the helm who have changed our Commonwealth Seal to their Corporate Seal.


Australia’s current seal.

“Commonwealth of Australia”
Registered on the
Security and Exchange Commission
Washington, D.C. 20549

(Info above from Velvet Revolution and Janis Ferguson)

And even worse than this, Recognise and Reconciliation are accounting terms to deal with our debt. Read more here:www.facebook.com/VotenoToConstitutionalChange?fref=ts

We can do this, if u support our mobs fight for independence maybe you could share this message to educate black and white today. No more being reactive, its time for proactive, peaceful lawful rebellion.


Our ancestors fought longer and harder than any war in history, now its our turn.




Sign the petition to get the case heard by the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Grand Theft Australia – Class Action

We are raising funds to make it possible to plan national “Meetings of the Minds”, inviting all tribes, grass roots community supporters and the best legal advisor’s to come together and discuss the complex issues affecting us in community and as a nation, to workshop solutions.

The more support we get the more we can do. As people can probably guess, there is no financial assistance available to anyone wanting to organise the people. We cannot allow this hypocrisy to destroy the lives of the Original People of the land we all call home today, The Lucky Country!

Big cases can cost big money, money that is locked away by bureaucracy. Please help us build a historic case to put an end to ongoing divide, dysfunction and disadvantage in our nation today.


Email: endoppressioninoz@gmail.com
Website: https://endoppressioninoz.wordpress.com/grand-theft-austra…/


Sign the petitions to get the case heard by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) –


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Grand-Theft-Australia-Class-Action/901150616596301?fref=ts

1 mob

“Until we give back to the Blackman just a bit of the land that was his and give it back without provisos, without strings to snatch it back, without anything but complete generosity of spirit in concession for the evil we have done him – until we do that, we shall remain what we have always been so far, a people without integrity; not a nation but a community of thieves.”
Albert Hartnett

Shekara Hartnett

Kaiyu Bayles

Twitter: @FireAsaa
Email: endoppressioninoz@gmail.com

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