Ready to make some noise around the country?


1 mob




Community Feedback as part of a national response for a Class Action.

Volunteers needed to fill in forms and explain the information to people!!!

This is going to be fun, lets see the magic of people power in action.

We are calling all good people from all backgrounds to take part in reshaping the future of our beautiful country.

All we have to do is let people know we are here to help. A great way to do this is create an event on Facebook or Outlook (link it to the main page and add a link to this site), do up a brochure asking mob to bring a plate, guitar, clap sticks, video camera, a sense of humour in return for help with printing forms, letters and posting.


Some ideas to get people thinking about what they would like to say in complaints and letters etc. Supporters feel free to write your own letters using the templates in the Break Free Tool Kit.

1: What’s important to you as a community – please answer in order of priority

2: What’s not working in your community?

3: What is working?

4: How can you as a group make a difference in your community with the resources and experience you have?

5: What assistance is most needed in your community to bring about the change that is needed most?

6: What issues do you see affecting Original People the most in Australia?

7: What are the main reasons?

8: How can we affect the change that’s needed so urgently across Australia?

9: Do you believe we can achieve the change so desperately needed in Australia?

10: Can we get an idea of the skills and experience of attendees so we can organise more effectively in the future, it would also be a good idea to know how much time people can commit to the project both online and in their local community.

Once completed someone can someone type them onto the main page for all to see? – email us to find out if there’s an event near you or how to get involved in hosting an event.

We’d love to hear from you.
The team 🙂





Kits for Individuals – letter template to the queen, templates to send to all mp’s, pm and GG to put a spanner in the works, a know ur rights document, instructions on how to invoice for repatriations with a template, videos, fliers and the proclamations for both white and black to be signed.

We can do a Sovereignty walk as public declarations of Sovereignty hold alot of weight and will be a good tool to educate en mass.

Have letters sent from all communities calling for contributions to affirm their rights, aspirations and calls for justice in any way they wish to document them. writing, painting, video, audio etc.

National Meet up to finalise national strategy to become free of the British and biggest celebration we ever saw after we hand in document (which could also demand demand the GG be replaced with a tribal council of elders/ a group the people nominate or are the final say on all Sovereignty matters, as added protection) and lodge a class action case to make sure we are not ignored.

Come Join the yarn about this and all other strategies being yarned about:

Signing onto this campaign means that you have taken the first step in helping to create real change around this issue.

Successful campaigns rely upon their ability gain the support of as many people as possible – the more people that are behind an issue, the more likely it is that decision makers will actually stop and pay attention. Please support our effort to get this happening by August 2015. We have organised mass gatherings and can provide food, tent accommodation, entertainment and workshops with the money raised.

The food will cost $6000

The hire of equipment will cost $12000

Travel assistance for elders, entertainers and large groups $20,000

Legal costs and workshops $4000

Port a loo’s n showers $5000

Kids activities, banner material, historical display of our resistance and emergency cash $3000

This is where you come in.

It’s simple. Can you spread the word about this campaign by sharing it with your friends and family on social media?

We are seeking expressions of interests from volunteers to get involved at different levels, from printing letters, to organising and helping out on the ground with events and sharing the message.

Break Free Kit:

Please copy and paste when sharing 🙂

By Kaiyu Bayles –


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