Grand Theft Australia – Class Action


good things coming


We have the evidence needed for a case against Elizabeth Windsor, the sitting members of parliament, the crown and its agents for crimes against humanity and the grand theft of the land mass known as Australia today.

Now all we gotta do is organise!

Why are the Rights and freedoms of Sovereign nationals being violated
by these corporations alien to us?

Is it not forbidden in International
law, for alien corporations to treaty with the Sovereign Nationals?

Where are the stolen chattels/private property?

Where is the accountability on all levels?

Regulations Respecting the laws and customs of war on land, Ch 3 Article 34:

“ The parliamentarian loses his right of inviolability if it is proved in a
clear and incontestable manner that has taken advantage of his
privileged position to provoke or commit an act of treason.”

Where are the peace officers of the Commonwealth and our Chapter 3 courts?

Where is my protection and who is accountable for these crimes of
Intentional Torts and abuse of powers inflicting injury, mental torture and partial loss of Life and theft of private property?

Where are the International consortium’s who have a treaty with the
Commonwealth Nations to ensure their safety and inalienable rights and
freedom are upheld?

Where is our Bill of Rights and or Declaration of Independence?

For our supporters we ask do u know that on top of this……

That the corrupt corporate government are sitting as an unlawful unconstitutional Corporate Government that they have Registered on the US Security Exchange in Washington D.C as “Commonwealth Australia” Registration Certificate
No is 0000805157″.





Every State and Territory have a corporate government at the helm who have changed our Commonwealth Seal to their Corporate Seal.


Australia’s current seal.…/…/consol_act/ea199580/s150.html…

“Commonwealth of Australia”
Registered on the
Security and Exchange Commission
Washington, D.C. 20549

(Info above from Velvet Revolution)

And even worse than this, Recognise and Reconciliation are accounting terms to deal with our debt. Read more

We can do this, if u support our mobs fight for independence maybe you could share this message to educate black and white today. No more being reactive, its time for proactive, peaceful lawful rebellion.

Our ancestors fought longer and harder than any war in history, now its our turn.


Post your evidence here please, legal team will form if this is meant to be.

This has to be a serious topic Australia wide, we are currently over populated I live in the big city so I know how bad it’s becoming, we are destroying the environment here, taking from the land killing it slowly with mining, bringing in violence and beliefs that don’t belong here etc etc, I always say indigenous people will be the only ones that save this place in the end, but it has to start now as we are running out of time, firstly we must push to become independent of the rest of the world, all the other governments are pushing for a new world order, US wants an American Union, there already is a Eu Union and an Asian one which they want us to be a part of, I don’t think Australia should enslave itself, no we need to work together, we should become the first Eco country ban plastics and chemicals and start working with indigenous to clean this place up and not only the environment, did you know the mining here is feeding the world!! NWO wants to control all of us do your research. I love this land and I’m not giving up!

Giada Soldati

Thank u for letting me share


1 thought on “Grand Theft Australia – Class Action”

  1. Spirit of Australia Party is working on just that Returning Power to the People

    Australia must mature as a nation and unite in a common purpose of setting a sustainable and
    prosperous trajectory for the 21st century.

    We envisage an independant Australia that is environmentally and climate protected, socially just and based on modern sustainable thinking and practices for our future safety and prosperity.

    We believe in power by the people in a revolutionary democratic system called Open Democracy which allows all Australians to Have a say on policy that steers the course of Australia’s future.

    Here is an other explanation of this unlawful government.
    As told by Bejam AKA Dennis Walker

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