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Check this out – good example of what we need to do wen confronted. Deadly Freedom Fighting sista

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Sovereign Tribes – Our Law Is The Supreme Law. Remember your on your tribal land, stand your ground

Operation Stay Home must not be excuse to target Aboriginal people

As NSW Police commence ‘Operation Stay Home’, the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT has raised concerns about over-policing of Aboriginal communities and urged Aboriginal people to seek assistance in dealing with infringement notices.

During last year’s COVID lockdown, police handed out the most fines in suburbs with a high Aboriginal population. People living in Mount Druitt, Liverpool, Green Valley, Blacktown and Redfern topped the list.

“This is no surprise – statistics demonstrate that Aboriginal people are typically subject to over-policing,” said Anthony Carter, Deputy CEO of the Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT (ALS).

“Now that police have extra powers and are joined on the ground by 800 members of the Australian Defence Force, we are extremely concerned about the potential for Aboriginal people to again be targeted and intimidated,” Mr Carter said.

The ALS is urging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in NSW and the ACT to contact them for help with infringement notices.

Call 1800 765 767 for help If You Have Received A fine

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Look at all the laws which protects us from Government and Police persecution. We actually have a lot of rights which are currently being infringed unlawfully.

Please print out and study.

We have a right to NOT wear a mask, NOT be tested and NOT be vaccinated and NOT be penalised for it!

Commonwealth Constitution Section 51 sub-section 9 sub-section 23A Section 92 Section 58 Section 109 Section 115 Section 117 Section 118 QLD Human Rights Act 2019 Section 12 Section 16 Section 17C Section 19 Section 22 Section 29 Covid-19 Emergency Act 2020 Section 4 – This Act does not supercede Human Rights Act 2019 Public Health Act 2015 Section 2 Section 5 Section 23 Section 362D Biosecurity Act 2015 (Commonwealth Law supercedes State Laws) Section 60 Section 61 Section 62 Section 63 Section 95 Section 108 Bill of Rights 1688 Section 12 Australian Immunisation Handbook Section 2.1.3 – Valid Consent 10th Edition Page 487 – Vaccination is not compulsory Privacy Amendment Act 2020 Section 94H

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We are very aware that many people are impacted daily through coercive tactics, and are forced to acquiesce to false directives or policies that go against the government guidelines, or one’s own rights. 

So the purpose of this initiative is to provide you with template letters that will help you address as many of these issues as you encounter them, without the need for our assistance. This means your immediate concerns can be addressed while we continue with our campaigns.

We will be updating and adding to our library of templates, as the need arises. 

Templates for Masking

Mandating COVID-19 & Flu Vaccinations

RT-PCR Testing

Covid-19 Vaccination Declination Letter


Stop Services Australia Sharing Your Vaccination History

Time is short since the federal government has already said they have everything ready to go for the vaccine passports and are only waiting on the States to complete their end.
Please visit this website –
 and fill in the form IM017. It cannot be submitted online but must be printed out and mailed – we recommend you do this by express post and also if you don’t mind spending a few dollars extra, paying for the proof of delivery so you have the signature of who has received it should they claim they never got it.

G&B Lawyers 
2nd July 2021 ·

Any law that purports to make it mandatory for a person to submit to a COVID-19 vaccination is invalid.
In 1945, the then Chief Justice Latham held that quarantine laws “may be regarded in most, if not all, of its aspects as a form of public health legislation”.
The Commonwealth has the power under section 51(ix) of the Constitution to make laws with respect to ‘quarantine’. This is a power granted to the Commonwealth. Not the States.
At [257] of the decision, Latham CJ held that the Commonwealth “could not pass a law requiring citizens of the States… to submit to vaccination or immunization”.
So there are several important things that flow from this High Court decision.

  1. Vaccinations and immunizations are matters that fall within the category of ‘quarantine’.
  2. Only the Commonwealth has the power to make laws with respect to ‘quarantine’ under section 51(ix) of the Constitution.
  3. The Commonwealth is prohibited from passing laws requiring citizens to submit to vaccination or immunization (which are quarantine matters).
  4. The States have no power to make laws with respect to quarantine, including matters dealing with vaccinations and immunizations (as Latham CJ held that these things are ‘quarantine’ matters).
  5. The States are unable to do something that the Commonwealth is prohibited from doing under the exercise of the quarantine power.
  6. Therefore the States cannot pass any law that requires citizens to submit to vaccination or immunization.
  7. Part 3B of the Public Health (COVID-19 Air Transportation Quarantine) Order (No 2) (NSW) 2021 is invalid.

All workers who have been identified under the ‘NSW Airport and Quarantine Workers’ Vaccination Program’ should consider the above before making any decision as to whether to have a COVID-19 vaccination.

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Legal Letter Templates from Advocate Me

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Legally Decline Flu/Covid Vaccine

Cant Wear A Mask?

PCR Testing and Your Rights

Vaccine Declination Form